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The journey shortly began after Mirjam Leslie Pringle and Nicolaas Homan relocated to build a new family life on the beautiful White Island of Ibiza. Together they decided to start a small design studio with authentic interiors and Nicolaas worked on too build an independent design brand. Shortly after and along with Mirjam’s already successful “Veggie Very Much” cookbooks and related blogs the couple took a leap further and into a complete new story of their own!
Here the focus was not just on two separate businesses…but the creation and emersion of two ideas and into a new and vibrant brand that fully represents an endlessly delicious lifestyle here in Ibiza.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy represented by our L5 Logo has a defined five pillow ethos;

Great healthy veggie food.

Music that resonates even after the sound has ceased. World knowledge that encompasses environment, culture, social and economic values.

Art expression where the conscious use of imagination is set forth by a variety of styles and individuals.

A flow of local and global brands with unique stories within their own fashion labels.

The Restaurants

The family of Los Otros already has two fully established locations across the beautiful island – which include the well-known large open terrace restaurant and concept store set in the heart of Sant Joan and the most recent Harbour Boutique Restaurant in Santa Eulalia!

Here you can come in and enjoy good coffee, fresh juices as well as some stunning cocktails and experience Mirjam’s incredibly tasty and personal veggie menu including the very popular “love at first bite” Famous Pink Burger – in an incredibly lax and dynamic atmosphere.

The Concept Store

We take pride in homing independent brands in handmade fashion and interiors where our friends use eco friendly resources and local materials as well as supporting charitable communities across the globe.

With a view to grow and build a community on the island that shares our ethos and enjoys living a healthy yet balanced lifestyle here in Ibiza…We intend on developing a structure where independent creatives and art based industries can come and be part of our home.

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